Tunamp is a social networking platform that makes discovering new music easier and provides a seamless listening experience.

How does it work?

Users upload their favorite songs, which can be then voted on in a fashion similar to reddit. Good and interesting music is hence exposed on the top. Besides that there are various filtering mechanisms in place allowing for easy customization of the type of music that gets served to the end user.


The scope of the app is meant to as minimalistic as possible. In order to achieve that I focused on taking the best from other services such as youtube, thisismyjam, lastfm or soundcloud but leaving all unrelated data noise and interface behind so that there's only you, the music, and more music.

I have not created this service as a place to pirate music and ripoff artists. Use it to share and discover new music but remember to show artists some love afterwards!

A bit of history

Tunamp started as a small project of mine back in the 2011 (codenamed Tuna back then). I wanted to create a website that would facilitate easy sharing and exploration of new music genres and artists. There was a basic, not publicly accessible prototype that got forgotten later on. I decided to revive it in 2014 and basically rewrote the whole thing.

Now it got to the point where I think it's worth sharing with other people, hopefully making listening experience better to some of you!

We'll see where it goes from here...